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If you can think of it, we can probably Candy-Coat it. Fully customize our products to suit your occasion. We can add your pictures!

We are Proudly Canadian!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy just the wrappers instead of the wrapped products?
Candy-Coats can either provide the completely wrapped finished product, ready to give out to your friends, or just the wrappers if you'd like to do your own and save a bit of money.

How do I wrap the products myself?
If you decide to purchase the wrappers only, we will send you instructions, as well as a glue stick. It's easy, just takes a bit of practice and time.

What kind of chocolate bars do you use and why do they sometimes look different in your pictures?
We can use any type of bar you would like us to, where allowed by the manufacturer.  Most companies allow overwrapping of their products as long as the original wrapper is intact.  You may have noticed that Hershey bars no longer come in the foil ended bar, but come in a closed end, crimped fully enclosed wrapper.  Some of our pictures show the old bars with the foil ends showing, this is still possible as we can overwrap with foil first if you like, but generally all our chcolate bars come fully enclosed with sealed ends. 

*Note that certain products, like Smarties, Aero, or some larger bars still have foil ends so will have open ends.

I have a special theme in mind for my event. Can you design a wrapper for me?
Candy-Coats has lots of tricks up our sleeve and can help you create a design that works just right for you! If you need a special colour or have your own images you'd like to use, just ask! We are very flexible and are sure we can help you create just the right look

Can I mix and match from the designs on your website?
Absolutely! Pick any colour, font, or design from any of our occasions and we will customize your wrapper just for you! Please include exact instructions with your order, or let us know if you have any questions.

Can you scan pictures or can I send them electronically?
Yes, we can scan a picture, or you can email it as a GIF or JPEG files. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge a scanning fee.

How do I avoid melting chocolate bars when shipping?
There are a few ways to avoid melting bars during the warmer months:
  • Order bars in advance, during the cooler months if you are planning a summer party. Processed chocolate bars have a very long shelf life. 
  • Order only the wrappers and wrap the bars that you purchase locally.
  • If you are local to the Greater Toronto Area, we can arrange for pick up or same day delivery.

Can I see my wrapper for approval before you print them?
Of course! We will send a draft either by email or by regular mail if you prefer. We hope you have a good look to make sure there are no spelling mistakes, typos, or other changes. You may make changes at this point, after your order is printed we will not accept responsibility for errors and may charge a fee for re-printing if needed.

What do I do if my bars melt?
If, by some chance, you do leave your bars in the heat there is usually no problem if some softening occurs. Simply allow the bars to harden at a cool room temperature. You don't need to put them in the fridge or freezer, just in a cool place in your home and they will be just fine!

What is the payment method?
Use the convenience of PayPal to use your credit card, or personal cheques, cash, certified cheque or money orders are accepted also. Payment is required before the order is created. Cheques can be made payable to Nancy Botelho.

Contact: 416-890-8109 | General Info: info@candy-coats.com | Webmaster: webmaster@candy-coats.com

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