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If you can think of it, we can probably Candy-Coat it. Fully customize our products to suit your occasion. We can add your pictures!

We are Proudly Canadian!

Chocolate Bars FAQ

What kind of Chocolate bar and how does the wrapper work?

The most often asked question I get is "What kind of chocolate bar can I have wrapped?".  The short answer is any, where manufacturers allow.  From Hershey to Smarties, or just give us the dimensions of your favourite candy, I'm sure we can help you make it look special for your special occasion.


The bigger question is the type of wrap  Hershey has recently changed it's packaging, and other companies seem to be following their lead.  The old standard bar looked like this.  The wrapper fit neatly over the foil and you could see the ends stick out.  : 

You can sometimes still find Aero, KitKat or even the old Hershey bars but most new styles come with closed, crimped end like this:



With Candy-Coats, you can buy a completely enclosed wrapper that will look like this:

OR, you can have your chocolate bar wrapped in foil first (various colours available) then in your wrapper for the original foil end look! Great for weddings and special occasions.

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